Five ingredients for new Habitat housing

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One of our veteran site leads described the construction manager role – my role – like this. The CM ensures all active projects run smoothly. I’ve latched onto this idea. It shapes how I operate.

One way I help create this sense of running smoothly for myself is making sure I have the right amount of the right stuff to do what I need to do. With the correct ingredients doing the task – combining ingredients to create something useful – becomes easier. Smoother.

At a broader level let’s say I’m a restaurant manager. For the kitchen to run smoothly my chefs need ingredients to make the dishes the menu promises. Here are the ingredients I deliver to our chefs – our site leads – who do all the cooking. My contribution to a smooth running build.

Buildable land is scarce in our county. More often than not land is the thing that, once we have it, starts the quest for the remaining ingredients.

Building with and along-side the family and eventual owners is unique. It connects what we’re doing to who we are to where we live. An essential ingredient in the Habitat builder experience.

Many hands and hearts and heads are required to build Habitat homes. Site leads need an organized stream of passionate builders (with diverse skills and experiences) to complete the day’s work items.

Having a bucket of cash around is essential because of the simple utility of the stuff. When the plan calls for something outside of what we do well (build Habitat homes) we pull from this bucket to get it done.

All the different pieces that make up the actual thing we leave behind to serve the family for generations fall into this bucket. We build simple decent homes. That requires items commonly available in the county. Significant support from Habitat International via corporate sponsor donations.

Anyone aiming to build something needs the right amount of the right things to get it done. To help things run smoothly I focus on ensuring our site leads have a predictable supply of these five essential ingredients every time the gate opens on build day.