Join A Committee!

Dedicated and responsible volunteers are valuable for program committees. Our committees meet once a month and help shape our programs and services. If you are interested in joining any of the committees listed below, please contact the committee chair and register as a new volunteer. 

Family Services Committee 

The committee seeks to welcome new families to Habitat and provides them with a mutual support system, educational opportunities and a forum for discussions regarding homeownership and relevant Habitat policies and procedures. Functions of this committee include:

  • Organize and conduct application, interview, and selection processes for partner families
  • Assign a Family Advocate to act as a liaison between the Partner Family and Habitat
  • Develop sweat equity opportunities, and assist with scheduling and tracking sweat equity hours
  • Follow-up with partner organizations regarding programs and services available to the family
  • Develop and/or schedule educational programs for partner families
  • Support families through the construction process
  • Maintain and update all documentation pertinent to the Family Support process
  • Coordinate and assist family with home dedication
  • Review and adapt Family Support policies and educational programming annually
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring of partner families and their success and support needs as long as they are in a Habitat home.

Chair: Janet Norem - 206-440-9473, 


Construction Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and implementing the construction projects for the affiliate. The tasks to be directed by this committee include:

  • Work to keep the construction costs at or under budget
  • Ensure all proper permitting is obtained
  • Coordinate donations, the purchase of materials, a schedule of professionals to assist with each build, a schedule of build day activities, and volunteer needs
  • Conduct monitoring of sites to ensure quality, safety, and stewardship
  • Update the Board on any policy changes that relate to house design, project specifications, and disbursement of resources
  • Ensure positive, effective communication with the Family Support Advocate and partner family

* This committee will elect a volunteer coordinator, hospitality coordinator and safety coordinator in addition to the committee chair. 

Chair: Chris Anderson - 425-922-2066, 


Resource Development Committee 

Our Resource Development Committee helps set the annual development plan, evaluate the current financial needs of the organization and comes up with creative solutions. In addition, they help plan the outreach and fundraising events for the year. This is a great way to learn more about the funding and business side of nonprofit work, as well as have hands on experience. In coordination with the Executive Director and the Resource Development Director, additional duties of this committee include:

  • Plan and carryout fundraising campaigns
  • Assist as needed with grant proposal writing or meeting with foundation representatives
  • Participate in the special events sub-committee
  • Cultivation of major donors
  • Developinga  budget for and planning annual fundraising events
  • Securing event sponsors, auction items and media sponsors
  • Planning and carrying out event details, decorations, and programs
  • Securing speakers or auctioneers as needed; and
  • Volunteering at the event

Chair: Mark Johnson, 425-405-7768,


Site Selection Committee

This committee is responsible for developing the affiliate’s strategy and policy to ensure sufficient building sites are available to support planned building activities. This committee works in conjunction with the Construction Committee. Specific functions of the Site Selection Committee include:

  • Locate properties throughout the county where Habitat homes can be built by working with government agencies, banks, financial institutions, private homeowners, etc. to secure the donation of land
  • Identify & recommend property for acquisition to the Board
  • Work with the Board to establish a process for acquiring new properties
  • Work with the construction committee to determine the viability of an identified site for building a new home
  • Maintain an inventory of properties for future build sites

* This committee meets as needed.

Chair: Preston Kallshian - 425-381-5187,