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Interest. Enthusiasm. Commitment. Compassion. Habitat volunteers bring these qualities to the table, making our organization an enjoyable place to be. We know that by coming together, bringing our time, energy and talent, we will accomplish great things. Volunteers drive our mission to put an end to substandard housing.
We welcome volunteers of all skill levels and interest into our Habitat family. The best value and the most powerful contribution comes from the volunteer who wants to make a difference. Volunteers can help Habitat in an abundance of ways. Through helping on the construction site, in the stores and in the office, you can help drive our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Register as a new volunteer below or sign-up for shifts as a returning volunteer. 

Volunteer Roles

Below is a list of individual volunteer opportunities our organization offers. Please click on the opportunities that interest you for more information. 

Office Assistant

Donations Line Assistant

Store Associate


Construction Crew

Donations Truck Assistant 

How to become a Habitat volunteer
  1. Complete online registration and sign-up for an orientation on the shift calendar by clicking the button below
  2. Attend the orientation you've signed up for (we host two orientations per month - one at each location)
  3. Register for volunteer shifts 

No one may volunteer at Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County until they've completed a volunteer orientation. If you are unable to attend the upcoming orientations, please call Katie at 425-405-7156 to schedule an appointment for an orientation.

We conduct background checks on all volunteers. By signing up in our system, you are consenting to a background check. We do accept court ordered volunteers, but have certain limitations in doing so. We do not accept volunteers with any history of sex offenses. We also do not accept volunteers that are court ordered for violent crimes (including domestic violence and assault) or theft. Volunteers that are not court ordered, but have these offenses in their background will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Questions? Call or email the volunteer coordinator, Katie - 425-405-7156, krickel@habitatsnohomish.org

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