HFHSC Builder’s Update for 2/13/17

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A brief update for the Habitat for Humanities of Snohomish Co (HFHSC) community of builders. (This update was originally sent to the construction alias on 2/14/17.)

Phoenix 2 complete. Project safely delivered objective within time and cost expectations. More importantly, we’ve helped a family build a place they can grow for generations.

Many thanks to the 305 builders who gave 5,250 hours in total to complete the Flores Family home. Thanks to the many more who gave money and materials (directly or via store donation).

Of the 305 builders helping on-site, 37 gave more than 25 hours of time. Of those, 12 gave more than 100 hours. Finally, four builders donated more than 300 hours to P2. I’m grateful for each hour. Thank you.

Twin Creeks Village takes shape. Early review of the project charter – the what, when, and who of the project – returned good feedback. Version 1 and 2 of unit floor plans reviewed and revised.

Here’s the current Phase 1 project charter (and what changed from V1) based on that feedback.

What we’ll build: (no change) Four-unit Habitat town homes based on the P2 floor plan, build on top of a garage/utility space. Public entries face W, and garage/private entries face E.

When we’ll build: (end date pushed out) Feedback called out a number of significant risks in 55-week build schedule. Schedule called for almost 300 hours of builder time donated per week. (P2 averaged 163 hours/week for comparison.) TCV will force us to grow as a community, but almost doubling our production capacity is overly aggressive.

As a result project end-point moved to 12/1/18 (from 8/1/18). This adds 19 weeks to the project, and reduces the builder requirement to 216 hours per week. A reasonable 32% increase in weekly production capacity.

The start date of 7/1/17 has not changed. But we recently learned construction will gain access to the property months earlier than planned. This will allow some pre-work to be scheduled giving us a running start on 7/1.

Who will build: (no change) We forecast more than a thousand builders will need to donate at least a day of building to complete Phase 1. A smaller number of builders, about 50, will need to commit to multiple weekly builds. In general, total build time expected between 16,400 to 19,000 hours.

Build schedule developed. Major donors (like Boeing, Northshore Christian) have already committed to regular builds. Contact Katie Rickel (HFHSC Volunteer Coordinator) to schedule a group.

What’s next? Engage geo-technical supplier for civil engineering guidance. Conduct pre-application plan review with city. Locate supplier for pump jacks/scaffolding (required to build 3-story structure). Get demo permit for existing home. Continue group scheduling.

Updates weekly. Questions/feedback welcome.

Christian Anderson, Construction Manager
Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish Co