HFHSC New Housing Construction Five Step Process

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It’s a bit easier to think about building a house if you break it into smaller chunks of work. In general we think about these five steps when building new Habitat homes.

Step 1 Plans/Permits
This step starts when we have a place to build, and an idea of what we want to build on that piece of Snohomish Co. During this initial step we have to define the specific house we want to build so those interested in the house’s appearance, functionality, and safety can be assured the end result will be a welcome addition to the local housing stock. This step ends when the plans have been reviewed, and permits for construction have been issued.

Step 2 Site/Foundation
This step starts with excavation of the foundation, and site changes (like buried drain systems) that support the home’s basic operation. This step includes forming and pouring the structure’s foundation. The majority of this step is complete before the next step begins, but some elements of Step 2 naturally wait to later in the process before complete.

Step 3 Structure/Dry-in
This step starts when the first wood (typically the sill plates) is installed on the foundation. This step includes all structural elements of the house. The vertical and horizontal framing, decking and wall sheathing, the roof cover, exterior doors and windows, and siding. The step is largely complete when the house is fully protected from the elements and the interior space is secure.

Step 4 Systems/Rough-in
This step begins with the installation of the four supporting systems found in every home. Electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling (HVAC), and insulation require elements hidden (covered) in the walls of the home. This step ends with installation of the interior surface covering, typically drywall.

Step 5 Interior/Trim-out
This step starts with finishing interior wall surface, and continues until all interior surfaces have been finished. All doors, cabinets, plumbing and electrical fixtures, and all painting is included in this step. This step ends when the house is certified by the permitting authority for occupancy.

More detail on each of the five steps
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