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In writing the weekly report I assume the reader has lots of background knowledge. But for those catching up on the story here’s a bit more on our three active projects. This summary updated 6/7/16.

P2 stands for Phoenix 2, a new single family home we will build are building at 2010 23rd St, Everett. About 100 feet W and N of our Everett Store on Broadway at 23rd. The first important step in construction – Plans and Permits – is complete as of 5/13/16, about two months later than I hoped. We began regular Wednesday and Saturday builds May 18th and 21st. Quickly the excavation, foundation form and concrete pour, and first floor structure were about done. Lots to come. Review progress photos at http://habitatsnohomish.org/tag/progress-photo/. P2 delivery date is 12/15/16, or about 30 28 weeks away (as of 6/6/16).

Phoenix 2 main floor plan
Phoenix Two Plans - Main Floor Layout

North is left. Front porch opens to 23rd. Upstairs you’ll find three bedrooms, bath, and laundry.

See more about P2 here (more plans) and here (what comes after permits).

Think of Twin Creeks (TC) as two things. First, we are following a short-term plan maintaining seven living units in five buildings on 1.2 acres of land at 925 112th St, Everett. We rent to qualified families. Second and longer-term we want to build a friendly safe micro-neighborhood where 28 Habitat families can grow for generations. Ground breaks 8/1/2018. We’ll build one multi-unit building every nine months and finish five years later on 8/1/2023. That’s the plan.

Update 5/14/16: Planning meeting this week with project architect, Gabbert Architect Planners. Outlined the general project phases from start to construction document generation.

Twin Creeks - Long term Village - 28 Unit Configuration

Site sketch of Twin Creeks showing existing buildings, our trailer and storage container, and parking for build days. (higher res version of above map)

COMPLETED: AG stands for Altena Gardens. AG is a neighborhood of five single-family homes in N Marysville on 101st Pl NE at 67th Ave NE. We completed the last two homes in December 2015. We have a few important things yet complete (perimeter fence) and some warranty items to resolve before calling AG done.

Update 5/9/16: On the afternoon of Thursday on 5/5/16 the final boards were nailed down on the Altena Gardens project. Of the eight or so builders there for the final AG build, most participated in the first AG build some five years earlier.

Altena Gardens - Photos - Last Board

Looking W down the S fence line. The first AG house is in the distant background (behind shed). House D is in the middle ground. Closest on right side is house B.

Again, thanks to the hundreds of builders giving thousands of hours to create these homes, and this community. Well done!


Everett Habitat Store Fence. New as of 4/27/16. A small project in response to City of Everett request secure the donation intake area in the alley. We’ll install a 6′ chain-link fence (with privacy strips) plus a 10′ rolling gate adjacent to main rear door. City would like to see this all done by mid-June. Using a simple work item list to plan and do this work. We’ll assign builders from Phoenix 2 project (which is across the alley from the store). Update 6/7/16: through a focused 4-builder effort on 6/4 all poles installed. Ready for next step, installing top rails, and last the chain link.

I welcome comments and feedback on the Weekly Report. Hopefully the info here gives context to the nuts and bolts of HFHSC construction.

Come help us build!
Chris Anderson
HFHSC Construction Manager

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