HFHSC Weekly Construction Report 04/18/16

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This Habitat for Humanities of Snohomish Co. (HFHSC) weekly construction report keeps stakeholders informed and involved. Published Mondays. Covers our three active projects. Feedback/questions welcome at construction@habitatsnohomish.org. Also published on www.habitatsnohomish.org

Phoenix 2 (P2) City permit desk review continued this week. No specific items to address. One item from Public Works portion of review last week has been completed and is under review by architect. Permits, expected in-hand 4/29/16, are likely to push out another two weeks to 5/13/16 (resulting in more build cancellations).

Other P2 news: Dig Line 811 review (full underground utility discovery) complete. Preliminary ruling is ALL CLEAR for excavation. Funding request for $15K has been submitted. If awarded money is designated to add utility pole W of our lot to reduce power cables dropping across our property.

Twin Creeks (TC) One build scheduled and done. Small tasks completed during the week, like repairing 917 bath switch operation. OTAK group arrived Saturday ready to work. Site leads Mike Ipsen and Courtney Simons report all work items needed for family move-in 5/1/16 for B and 917 were completed with one exception (install carpet in B living rm). Many thanks to Courtney and Mike for getting it done! See more TC work item list – Link opens new window of all list items planned or completed.

Altena Gardens (AG) Warranty interior surface repairs, and other minor fix-up items, completed for both C and D. Planning effort during week assembled people and resources so we will build on both the 27th and 28th, Wednesday and Thursday of coming week. We’ll start and finish the tile back splashes for B, and we’ll shoot for having all post holes drilled out, and posts set in concrete by end of day Thursday. Fence framing and pickets will likely require a third day sometime in the following two weeks.

Construction Calendar – Link opens new window – read-only XLS of all 2016 builds (subject to change).

Construction Calendar Revised 04 24 16

Changes since last week: No significant changes.

Weekly Construction Report Archive – Link opens new window. All reports since 11/1/15.

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