HFHSC Weekly Construction Report 3/14/16

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Habitat for Humanities of Snohomish County (HFHSC) construction report. Keeping stakeholders informed and involved. Feedback, corrections, and/or additions welcome. Covers our active projects: Phoenix 2 (P2), Twin Creeks (TC), and Altena Gardens (AG). Thx! Chris Anderson, Construction Manager
P2: Ended week with clear action plan to modify plans in response to City of Everett commentary. (See permit status here. Search Permit # C1601-009.) Review list of comments from P2 reviewers here. No significant progress on lot survey. Ground-breaking occurred as planned. A dozen or so attendees were reported. Terrific press of event and project. Next step: submit P2 revised plan to city by Friday 3/25/16. Allowing 10 working days for 2nd-pass review suggests permits in-hand around 4/8/16.
TC: Two well-attended build days meant completion of several significant streams of work. Painting of all units is nearly complete. Only a small amount of carpet trimming is keeping us from 100% complete on flooring across all units. All appliances are staged for installation. Special note of thanks to Mike Ipson. A regular TC builder since early February, Mike stepped into the site lead role Saturday, guiding a 10-person Boeing team to productive ends. Well done, Mike. A number of minor fix-up items remain on work item list. (TC work item list here). We’ll have a small Wednesday and Saturday crews this coming week. We’ll work our way down the list. Confident we’ll be in position to turn keys over 4/2/16 as planned.
AG: Only minor maintenance completed AG Unit C during the week. Continuation of interior wall surface repairs to C and D. We have fence installation on list, but this Wednesday was not favorable, so we’ve bumped fence start to next week should weather be conducive on Wednesday 3/30/16. Work continues on ‘as-built” drawing has been requested by city of Marysville. Punch list maintains all open items for AG. (See Punch List)
Land Acquisition: Current 2017 build candidate 100th at 51st in N Maryville (not far from AG). Help us locate more options. Key criteria: Lot has (or can be easily connected to) utilities. Land with home OK (tear-down or major renovation possible). Send ideas and information to canderson@habitatsnohomish.org
HFHSC Construction Calendar – looking ahead three weeks
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 The HFHSC Construction Calendar is available here. Calendar holds regular scheduled build days, build days reserved for specific groups, and notice of supporting activities related to project. Updated real-time by construction manager. Questions? Contact Chris Anderson.
Let’s keep going!
Christian Anderson
Construction Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish Co.
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Report Archive All weekly reports starting 11/1/15. Anyone with link can open PDF.