HFHSC Weekly Construction Report 4/11/16

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This Habitat for Humanities of Snohomish Co. (HFHSC) weekly construction report keeps stakeholders informed and involved. Published Mondays. Covers our three active projects. Feedback/questions welcome at construction@habitatsnohomish.org

Phoenix 2 (P2) Check-in with Everett permit desk suggests progress has been made in second-pass review, but most effort is ahead. Planning (simplest of 3 review areas) signed off on revision. Public Works (2 of 3) is a GO contingent on completion of standard form. The Building review is most complex and starts next week. New target for permits in-hand 4/29/16.

Permit delay pushes P2 builds out two weeks as a result. Builds on 4/20, 4/23, 4/27, and 4/30 will be canceled. Signed-up builders will be notified.

Other P2 news: Dig Line 811 review (full underground utility discovery) complete in the coming week. Construction team detailing excavation/foundation plan. Preliminary review of PNW Energy Star requirements complete. Made contact with 3rd-party ES rater as required to participate. Building to Energy Star specs increases home value and donor pool (ES often minimum requirement).

Twin Creeks (TC) No builds scheduled. New tenants in Unit A settled in. Units B and 917 need a few more work items complete before being ready for families. Able to mow 917 and common areas. Build planned 4/23/16 with OTAK group. Site leads Mike Ipsen and Courtney Simons will guide the group through final work items readying units for families (move-in 5/1/16). TC work item list – Link opens new window of all list items planned or completed.

Altena Gardens (AG) With post locations marked last week, weather kept us off-site during the week. Better weather expected on 4/20, but key builders have conflict. Targeting 4/27/16 for fence start. Earlier minor bubbling in counter laminate appears resolved. Splash installation in B, the last significant interior finish, can commence.

Construction Calendar – Link opens new window – read-only XLS of all 2016 builds (subject to change).
Construction Calendar Revised 04 17 16
Changes since last week: P2 permits running behind plan. Bump Wed/Sat builds out two weeks. Four builds canceled. New P2 First Wed 5/4/16. AG builds weather dependant.

Weekly Construction Report Archive – Link opens new window. All reports since 11/1/15.

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