HFHSC Weekly Construction Report 4/25/16

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The Habitat for Humanities of Snohomish Co. (HFHSC) weekly construction report keeps stakeholders informed and involved. Published Mondays. Covers our four active projects. Feedback/questions welcome at construction@habitatsnohomish.org.

– P2 permits now expected 5/13/16, about 4 weeks later than planned. P2 project kickoff 6p 5/17/16 at office.
– AG fence finish planned this week, bringing Altena Gardens to 100% complete.
– TC major repairs complete, considering one build/month (grounds maintenance)

Phoenix 2 (P2) Focused this week on last required element of the P2 plan, a construction stormwater mgmt plan. Completed plan forwarded to project architect for rendering, and will go to permit desk in coming week. Permits now expected in-hand 5/13/16. Four P2 build days will be canceled (5/4, 5/7, 5/11, and 5/14/16). Two group reservations will be bumped out in time. Also, clear guidance from permit desk: no digging without permits.

With permits imminent Phoenix 2 construction kick-off meeting set for Tuesday 5/17/16. Our site leads (collectively the construction mgmt team) are the primary participants as is our Director of Construction, HFHSC Board Member Marla Patterson (also a P2 site lead). Our P2 Energy Star consultant Pam Worner (pam@greendogenterprises.com) will join the conversation, as well. In fact, anyone interested in the general plan to get this home built is welcome. Tuesday 5/17/16 at 6p in the office (16929 Hwy 99 Lynnwood). Also see “What’s after P2 permits?

Twin Creeks (TC) Work included debris clean-up, general landscape maintenance, and installing carpet in B living room. Big thanks to Division 9 Carpet for the donation that made it possible. All major work items complete on B and 917, making them ready to rent. (The one exception – stretching carpet just installed – will be completed this week.) See more TC work item list – Link opens new window of all list items planned or completed. No active builds planned at TC today. Considering one build day per month to maintain property. (open TC site map in new window)

Altena Gardens (AG) Finally a couple good weather days let us begin installation of 300′ of fencing on E and S property lines. By end of second day all poles were set. Fence framing at 50% complete. About 20% of fence had pickets and cap, so was complete. A crew also completed installation of tile back splashes in B kitchen and baths. Owner very happy to have this final finish element in place. One build day Thursday 5/5/16 planned to complete fence.

Everett Store Fence Received a GO from Roger Johnson, Store Director, to install a 6′ chain link fence around the rear of the store. To inclose donation intake area. The city of Everett is requiring the security measure. Fence will also reduce ‘dumping’ that occurs regularly (marginal donations left after hours). Basic project plan and work item list has been created to manage work. In coming week we’ll generate detailed plans, order dig line survey, and we’ll locate specialty equipment needed to get going. Any experienced commercial fence builders want to coach us through this? canderson@habitatsnohomish.com

Construction Calendar – Link opens new window – read-only XLS of all 2016 builds (subject to change).

Construction Calendar Revised 05 01 16

Changes since last week: One AG build added 5/5/16 to complete fence. Four P2 builds canceled (lack permits) 5/4, 5/7. 5/11, and 5/14/16. P2 project kickoff meeting added. Fence project and work items added.

Weekly Construction Report Archive – Link opens new window. All reports since 11/1/15.

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