HFHSC Weekly Construction Report 5/16/16

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The Habitat for Humanities of Snohomish Co. (HFHSC) weekly construction report keeps stakeholders informed and involved. Published Mondays. Covers our active projects. Feedback/questions welcome at construction@habitatsnohomish.org.

– P2 planning is done. Doing began this week!
– Large pool interested in being Habitat P2 owner/builders.
– Construction team commits to challenging target.

Phoenix 2 (P2) On Tuesday the construction team went through the Phoenix 2 plan one last time. Good confirmation on overall expectations and objectives for project. Primary focus: deliver a great Habitat experience building P2. We committed to December ’16 delivery knowing that we’ll have to add about 15 build days to schedule to have the home complete. Generally it takes about builder 5,000 hours to construction a home. About 3,500 hours are scheduled now using our two-builds-per-week pattern.

Three build days were planned last week (in addition to kick-off meeting). By week’s end the P2 foundation was determined, the excavation completed, and much of the set-up needed to support building was put in place. More info here on what got done. This coming week we’ll set the forms for the concrete foundation, and continue to get services (water and electricity) to the site.

More than 16 families have expressed interest in becoming P2 owner/builders. Others may join the pool of applicants through May 31st of this month.

Twin Creeks (TC) No significant TC activities this week. See more on TC work item list. Five of seven units occupied. A meeting regarding the longer-term vision for the site, called Twin Creeks Village, was held. Gabbert Architects Planners will lead project design. (see a TC site map detailing current setup.)

Everett Store Fence Working on store fence as time permits as P2 starts up. Will complete work items alongside P2 effort keeping in mind our end-date 6/13/16.

Construction Calendar – P2 Scheduled Builds
5/25/16: Install forms
5/28/16: No build planned on holiday weekend
6/01/16: Pour concrete foundation
6/04/16: Strip forms, begin ground-floor framing (O’Brien Grp Day)
6/08/16: floor/wall framing
Calendar changes since last week: none

Weekly Construction Report Index – All reports starting 11/1/15.

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