HFHSC Weekly Construction Report 6/6/16

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The Habitat for Humanities of Snohomish Co. (HFHSC) weekly construction report keeps stakeholders informed and involved. Published Mondays. Covers our active projects. Feedback/questions welcome at construction@habitatsnohomish.org.

– P2 main underfloor structure passes inspection allowing 1st floor deck to be installed
– P2 drain systems (foundation and rainwater) installed; pass inspection
– P2 N and W walls framed, exterior panels installed, and raised into position; S wall framed
– Store fence installation complete (except rolling gate) after Friday’s build

Phoenix 2 (P2) Two builds planned and delivered. Full crew of builders both days. The week started with inspection and OK for our underfloor framing (installed last week). With a GO we installed subfloor deck, and began construction of the walls, completing the N and W 1st floor walls by close of Saturday. Look at construction photos from P2 Week 4 here.

Of the 16 families expressing interest in becoming P2 owner/builders, three have followed through submitting completed applications to the family selection committee. The deadline for interested families to submit completed applications is later this month. The selection committee begins their work reviewing application next week.

Twin Creeks (TC) No significant TC activities this week. Two minor fixes planned Tuesday the 14th to bring both unoccupied units complete. Unit B is spoken for, and tenants move in 6/18/16. Unit 917, a tidy two-bedroom one bath home with fenced backyard is available. Contact Guinn Rogers for more information.

The next TC project on the books is removal and resale/recycle of large garage on the SE corner of TC property. (See a sketch of TC site) Also, no word this week on adjusted delivery date for the Twin Creeks Village (TVC) program document. This is the TCV master plan being assembled by Gabbert Architects Planners.

Everett Store Fence Crew of three builders came together Friday the 10th to install the top rail, main fence fabric, and privacy slats. Great progress. Recycled existing gate for side entry. The main fence is complete. The rolling 14′ gate comes next. Thanks builders! Great job.

(photo of fence coming)

Construction Calendar – P2 Builds
6/08/16: install 1st floor deck, install drainage systems Done!
6/11/16: frame and sheath 1st exterior walls (N and W); frame S wall Done!
6/15/16: frame and sheath 1st exterior walls (S and E); frame and install 1st interior walls
6/18/16: to be determined

No building at Twin Creeks at this time. Altena Gardens was completed March of this year. Some maintenance and summer-weather items remain on the AG list.

Weekly Construction Report Index – All reports starting 11/1/15.

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