HFHSC Weekly Construction Report Index

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This page helps you find earlier issues of the weekly construction report. All weekly reports starting on 1/11/15 (my start date with HFHSC as construction manager) are available for your review.

Current reports going back to 3/14/16 are available on www.habitatsnohomish.org as webpages. Click here to pull up all reports tagged “weekly. Also find the tag at the bottom of each report.

Reports before 3/14/16 are PDF files stored in this Dropbox Folder. Click and find the report you’d like to read. The last report in folder covers 4/17/16.

Why two different formats? I changed how I produce and publish this report on 3/14/16. I was writing the email, then copying to web. But writing the report for the website, then copying to email delivered a more consistent visual experience in both formats. The improvement broke how you go back to reference earlier reports. This page helps restore easy access to all reports.

Why do a weekly report? We have a diverse community of people interested in building. Diverse in many dimensions. Time available. Skills and experience. Motivation. Everyone needs easy access to the story. To catch up. To know what’s going on. And ideally, to help us get where we’re going. A world where everyone has a decent place to live.