Honduras Home Build Trip

“I was touched by the welcoming of the community, and humbled by seeing how people live in a rural place like this. It was a good reminder to be thankful for the many blessings we have at home that we may take for granted. Reflecting on the trip also reminds me that developing a sense of gratitude is a great way to be happy. The smiles and warmness of the community obviously stemmed from thankfulness of the things they had, instead of wishing for things they didn’t have.”

– Charlie, Philippines Global Village Volunteer

Honduras Home Build Trip

August 18 to 26, 2018

If you are looking for an unforgettable, challenging way to travel and volunteer for a great cause, consider joining Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County for a 10-day building trip in Honduras on August 18 to 26. While there, we will provide tangible, hands-on help for our Honduran brothers and sisters, while developing amazing relationships that transcend cultural and language barriers. As you labor and serve, you may just find that the life being changed is yours.

Our team will consist of 14 people of all ages from Snohomish County. We will be staying and working in Gracias Lempira, a safe and beautiful part of Honduras. You may be mixing cement by hand, digging trenches for foundations, moving piles of cinder block, laying blocks to build the walls. The teamwork makes the labor fun. In addition to working, we will also take time to get to know the surrounding area and participate in cultural activities.

We chose Honduras because 68.2 percent of the population lives in poverty, of which 44.6 percent reside in extremely poor areas. Also, 38 percent of households do not have electricity and 14 percent do not have water and sanitation systems. The work that Habitat for Humanity and its volunteers accomplish help to alleviate these issues – we want to be a part of that and hope you do too!

For more information, please contact our Global Village Trip Leader, Katie Rickel.