Let’s go build it!

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Just received the much awaited notification that our Phoenix 2 building permits have been reviewed and registered, and are available upon payment of remaining permit fee. Permits in-hand for our first build day, Wednesday 5/18/16. And more importantly for excavation of foundation the following day.

P2 Permits Ready email

We paid $800 at permit review start, so permit total cost is roughly $2500. We also paid $500 non-conforming lot permit fee. To get non-conform permit required a full title search costing $175. The bulk of Step 1 Plans/Permits fees goes to P2 architect, about $4000 (<20% of market rate for project). Miscellaneous cost of about $1000 for plan copies, stakes, string, moving container to site, and all that.

As Step 1 closes we can tally (roughly) P2 costs (excluding land) so far $7,275.