Phoenix 2 Build Schedule Updated

What changed since last update?

  • IMCO Build moved to September (was tentatively planned 7/29/16). New date 9/16/16 under review
  • Boeing Second Saturday Sep (first of four Boeing Fall builds) is full with wait list
  • Week 10 entries (builds 17 and 18) updated with link to progress photos

View full build schedule in PDF
Phoenix 2 – Project Build Schedule – Release 07 25 2016.

Next few builds below.

P2 Build Schedule Released 07 25 16

More the 80 builders contributed 1500+ hours through Week 10. Thank you!


Phoenix 2 Week 10 is complete. See what got done here.


Builders really appreciated not having to lug 32 bundles of shingles 20′ up a ladder. Washington Cedar and Supply donated a truck and crew and made quick work of this task. Many thanks WCS!

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 10 - Washington Cedar Supply helps getting shingles to the roof


Build Schedule Change – IMCO Build Day postponed until September.
Phoenix 2 Build Schedule Week 10 - IMCO Postponed

Phoenix 2 Build Schedule Update – Below you’ll see the next seven builds in the plan. Take a look at the entire build schedule when you open the PDF version.

Phoenix 2 Build Schedule Week 10

Phoenix 2 – Project Build Schedule – Release 07 19 2016 (PDF)


Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 9 posted. Great job builders!


Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 8 posted. Thanks builders!


Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 7


The Habitat for Humanities of Snohomish Co. (HFHSC) monthly construction report keeps stakeholders informed and involved. Published on the first Monday of following month. Covers our active projects. Feedback/questions. welcome

– Phoenix 2 Step 2 Site/Foundation work substantially complete, and we’re well into Step 3 Structure/Dry-in after twelve build days (from start of construction 5/18/16 through 6/29/16).

– Twin Creeks fully occupied as June ’16 closes. Project objective moves from repair to maintain, leaving time to invest in removing large shop on property.

– Unplanned changes hit Twin Creeks Village architect. Master program documentation creation delayed.

– Weekly construction report changes to monthly pattern to better meet community needs. P2 progress photos continue to be posted weekly.

Phoenix 2 (P2)
Phoenix 2 construction began in earnest on 5/18/16. Build Day 1 of 57 Wednesdays and Saturdays available to build before turning over the keys to the new owner/builders on 12/15/16. The Phoenix 2 – Project Build Schedule – Release 07 07 2016 holds high-level information on what got done, and what’s next for P2. Weekly progress photos document entire effort from pre-construction through to Week 7.

Twin Creeks (TC) Final repairs on the two unoccupied TC unit were completed, and tenants moved in bring us to a fully occupied property. Minor repairs and maintenance issues area addressed as needed in keeping with our simple decent standard.

Recent review of large shop on SE corner of TC (See a sketch of TC site) confirms cost of dismantling building is higher than most even optimistic projections of income possible through recycling or resale of building through store operation. Will pursue next best option – simple removal of building, salvaging/recycling as much as possible to reduce cost of removal.

A number of unplanned changes, including move of Twin Creeks Village (TCV) lead architect (and HFHSC director) Mike Garrett to another firm, will impact the effort applied to TCV program document. The program document is the Gabbert Architects Planners master plan that will guide all aspects of the project through to completion August 2023. New delivery date being established.

Everett Store Fence A 6′ high chain link fence has been installed to improve security and safety. Volunteer builders took care of most steps in the construction. The rolling 14′ gate to complete the project will be installed in July. Thanks builders! Great job.

Change in HFHSC construction reporting – As Phoenix 2 moved into construction that overall reporting needs for HFHSC construction needed adjustment. Community feedback indicated lots of interest in P2, and less interest in our other projects (Twin Creeks, and the store fence). Also changes meant to improve the experience for those using had a downstream impact on construction reporting.

Going forward weekly reporting will tell the P2 story with progress photos. All other construction reporting will be update monthly. This is the first monthly report. This and future monthly construction reports will be available primarily on the HFHSC website under the Our Work main navigation bar (pick Construction from menu) to get to the Construction page.

Construction Report Index – All reports starting 11/1/15.

Come help us build stuff!

Chris Anderson, Construction Manager
Habitat for Humanities of Snohomish Co. (HFHSC)
Mobile 425.922.2066 Email


Phoenix 2 Week 6 Progress Photos


Phoenix 2 Week 5 Progress Photos


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