Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 10

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We’ve completed build days 17 and 18 during Week 10. Just about a third of the way through the build schedule. The house stands proud now that all structural elements are in place. The rest of the way it’s all about covering the stout sturdy bones of 2010 23rd St Everett WA.

The week began with a focused effort to complete and double-check all required elements for the shear inspection. The inspector looks for the proper materials (framing and OSB covers) are correct in size and properly assembled. Dave is our building inspector. He’s looked over our work before in Week 3 the foundation and 1st floor joist work in Week 4. He reviewed our shear panel plan, and walked the building perimeter to see what (and how) things got done. No issues. A clean GO for the next stage – covering up.

A local chapter of Team Rubicon joined a few Saturday regulars who did just that by wrapping more than 75% of the exterior walls covered in peel-and-stick house wrap.

Thanks Week 10 Builders!

Phoenix 2 Week 10 Progress Photos

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 10 - Builders install exterior trim from the roof
Builders on the roof peer down looking for feedback on trim alignment. Quite a bit of high-off-the-ground work ahead on this house.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 10 - Team Rubicon wrestles peel-and-stick housewrap into place
Lots of ladder work wrapping the house in peel-and-stick vapor/air barrier. Ladder spotters made sure builders up high didn’t make an uncontrolled decent.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 10 - Washington Cedar Supply helps getting shingles to the roof
Washington Cedar and Supply sent over some experienced hands and a cool truck. They had 30 or so bundles on the roof in short order. Many thanks, WCS!

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 10 - Saturday build team anchored by Team Rubicon
Team Rubicon anchored the Saturday build. Made solid progress on all work items, including installing the decking the team is standing on in the picture. Like to have this group back later in the build.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 10 - House stands proud at the end of Week 10
Late Saturday, after builders for P2 Day 18 have headed home.

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Construction Manager
Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish Co.