Phoenix 2 pre-construction photos 11/2015

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HFHSC - Phoenix 2 - Before the fire
This Google street view captured the two houses built on S side of 23rd St just W of Broadway. A fire destroyed both homes on the morning of May 5th, 2014, the houses burned to the ground. Here’s the Everett Herald report.

HFHSC - Phoenix 2 - Satellite View (after fire)
This image must have been captured fairly soon after the fire. The news article references asbestos materials in the original construction (common in 1910 when house was built). Suspecting that the city would be expedited clean-up. Regularly passers-by mention they remember the original house, and the original owner, a long-time neighborhood barber. A fellow named Paul Chachulski (now deceased).

HFHSC - Phoenix 2 - Site as of NOV 2015 - Shack Detail
This shack stood at the back of the property. Our first step was getting this safely removed and hauled away.

HFHSC - Phoenix 2 - Deed of Sale to Chachulski
In the public record for this property we find that Paul Chachulski paid $10 and other valuable considerations in 1988 for property upon which we’re building P2. We paid Paul $40,000 in 2015. As is often the case, acquiring land is often the first of five ingredients needed to build a simple decent home.

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