Phoenix 2 progress photos 5/23/16

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This is the second week of building. Thirty weeks remain to complete the home and have our owner/builders move in. Thirteen builders answered the call this week. One long day got it done. (See prior week’s progress.)

P2 Construction Progress - The footing being installed
The first structure to be formed is called (appropriately) the footing. An 8″ tall X 12″ wide base that supports the stem wall.

P2 Construction Progress - Footing Plan Detail
This the plan the crew is following to form this concrete supporting structure. The up-side-down T-shape represents the foundation.

P2 Construction Progress - Stem wall panels go in
The stem wall forms rest on the footing forms. The outside panels are set first, then heavy steel bars (called rebar, short for reinforcing bars) are set. Then the inside panels come last. The steel and concrete together form a system that’s stiff and strong.

P2 Construction Progress - Foundation complete at end of day
The completed forms ready for inspection. Some additional bracing will be added to hold the walls plumb.

P2 Construction Progress - Forms Rebar Ufer Green Tag
Our inspector for this step of construction is Dave Foster. He liked what he saw, and gave us a GO for concrete. That’s the major work item for this Wednesday.

No Saturday build over Memorial Day weekend.

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