Phoenix 2 progress photos 5/30/16

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See last week’s progress.

Two build days planned (Wednesday 6/1 and Saturday 6/4). We added Thursday morning to keep project moving. Overall good progress on this 3rd week of building. Twenty-nine weeks remain before delivery 12/15/16.

On Wednesday a full crew (10+ builders) spent the morning tuning up the forms. Checking forms for plumb and level. Concrete mixer and related equipment arrived around 1:30p. By 4p all concrete in-place and site secure.

On Thursday a small crew stripped, cleaned, and stacked the forms for pick-up. Work complete by 1p. On Saturday, after a quick clean-up, a great team of builders from Northshore Christian Church installed the sills and joists. The crew worked a long day. Most joists installed. That’s where builders pick things up Wednesday.

Progress photos Week 3

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 4 - Foundation - Waiting for Concrete
Waiting for concrete. A rare moment to sit and chat. All the bracing (lighter wood running at angles) is product of the morning’s effort. They hold things straight while we gently pour in 30 tons of concrete (15 cubic yards at 4,000 lbs per yard).


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 4 - Foundation - After footing pour
The concrete was dropped into the form by a concrete pumper. Still hard work, but safe and quick compared to manual methods of moving heavy slurpy material from truck to foundation. Builders move concrete pushing out of footing form back into the top (arrows).


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 4 - Foundation - The last little bit of concrete
At the end we used every bit of concrete mixed for P2. The pumper operator dumped the last of it inside the form. To be scooped up by hand to top off interior foundation walls.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 4 - Foundation - Concrete pumper preps rig for travel
P2 progress relies heavily on skilled specialists we encounter along the way. Like the fellow who helped us place 15 cubic yards of concrete pretty much right where we needed it.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 4 - Foundation - Important details gets attention
Foundation bolts connect the foundation and structure. Placement in the wet concrete is critical warranting extra discussion.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 4 - Foundation - Along W wall looking N after form strip
Forms stripped the foundation waits for what’s next. Looking N along W wall.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 1 - Structure dry-in - Build team drills for sill bolts
The first wood to be installed is the sill plate. Here a team drills the sill carefully so holes align with foundation bolts.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 3 - Structure dry-in - Build team drills for sill bolts
Here two builders true up a joist (make a clean cut at 90 degrees to long dimension). The joists lie across the sill plates. They carry anything resting or moving on the main floor.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 2 - Structure dry-in - Build team drills for sill bolts
After cutting the heavy beams move into position (E-W orientation) and are fastened in position. The nailing pattern is very specific, part of a larger engineered flooring system.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 4 - Structure dry-in - Build team drills for sill bolts
Looking N. It will take a five person team about three more hours to complete the joist installation. Then we’ll pause to have work inspected. With a GO we’ll install decking on joists, and begin building first floor walls.

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Many thanks to all builders this week! Let’s keep going!

Chris Anderson
Construction Manager
Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish Co.