Phoenix 2 progress photos 6/6/16

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Good progress in the fourth week of Phoenix 2 construction. The week started with the inspection of our 1st floor joist installation. (Joists rest on the foundation and support the first floor.) We needed one field change reviewed by our project architect. With his OK we installed the 1st floor decking Wednesday. Plus a crew installed the drain systems for both foundation and downspouts.

On Saturday the 1st floor walls started taking shape. First the W wall was assembled and raised. The N wall went up near the end of the day. The S wall is framed and ready to cover. That’s where the team starts Week 5. Twenty-eight weeks remain to complete the house.

Progress Photos Week 4

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - decking 1st floor 2
A 4’x8′ sheet of decking is positioned carefully over the joists. We use glue (hard to see in photo) and nails to attach the floor. No squeaks.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - drainage system
We installed two drain systems. One to keep the foundation dry (larger black pipe in photo) and one to carry rain water collected by gutter system (white pipe). We’ll dig a dry well (an underground gravel pit) under the W side yard to collect all the water these two systems capture.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - Framing W 1st wall 2
The walls are built laying down using air-powered nailers. The majority of the lumber we’ll use to build P2 was donated by Hampton Lumber. They’ve been a generous Habitat donors for a long time. Their support is much appreciated.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - saw team from BRPH
Step 3 Structure/Dry-in goes much faster with a dedicated saw team. As builders assemble the structure they holler out what they need. The saw team makes the cuts and keeps assembly rolling.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - N and W standing at days end
Looking N across the open plan 1st floor and out the front door. On the left one of two windows located in the W wall. The coat closet and stairs to 2nd floor will take up the space to the right (E) of the front door.


Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - N wall door jamb dead on
Throughout construction we make sure the main structure is standing straight. The level tells the tale. Held against the front door framing it shows we’re on-track.

Many thanks to all builders pitching in this week to keep P2 going. Much appreciated!

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Chris Anderson
HFHSC Construction Manager