Phoenix 2 progress photos – Week 05/16/16

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Look at pre-construction photos.

This is the first week of building. It takes about 5,000 hours to build a home, if you look back at the last several houses we’ve completed. We want the P2 owner/builders moving in on 12/15/16. So, in project terms, we have 31 weeks ahead complete 5,000 hours of work. I’m glad we’re underway. 

P2 Construction Progress - Excavation
Project begins by digging a hole with a flat level bottom, slightly larger than the perimeter of the house. The concrete foundation wall rests on the bottom and supports the exterior wall of the home. Inside the foundation wall becomes the crawl space below the main floor. Photo by Chris Anderson.

P2 Construction Progress - Rainy First Saturday
The dirt removed to make the hole is protected under plastic to keep it from washing away in the rain. We’ll use most of the pile to fill in the depression around the outside of the foundation wall. That will happen after the foundation is complete, and our drainage system around the exterior footing is installed.

P2 Construction Progress - First Saturday Build Crew
The first P2 Saturday Crew gathered for a photo at the end of a wet day. The crew built shelves for the container, installed devices to keep water on-site (and out of our Sound), cut holes for our store fence, cut and assembled the picnic table in photo, and more. Many thanks, builders!

Take a look progress made the following week.

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