Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 11

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Twenty-seven builders contributed 177 hours in Week 11. Roof cover installation began in earnest after a great setup in Week 10. We continued to wrestle the peel-and-stick house wrap. The Saturday Boeing crew finished the high-ladder work wrapping the top portions of the West, South, and East sides of the house. Only the top of the N wall remains unwrapped. Siding installers worked behind the house wrap crew. Roof decking and trim outline the front full-width front porch. Initial pass at air sealing began Saturday.

Coming next week window are installed. Trim and siding continue right behind windows. Roof cover continues to go down. Sealing the structure continues.

Thank you builders!

Phoenix 2 Week 11 Progress Photos

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 11 - Builders install shingles up W roof face
Builders started day 19 on the cool W-side. By afternoon most of the W side face is roofed. The front porch roof is getting nailed down (bottom left)

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 11 - Exterior trim is installed on front porch
Fascia, part of the exterior trim, gets installed on the front porch. This week we installed the first finish surfaces of the job. Siding, roofing, trim, and decking all show in the finished home. Each build we’ll have to apply a little more care to fit and finish to complete a house we’d be proud to own. (photo build day #19)

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 11 - Builders install siding on the E wall
A builder fine tunes a machine-driven nail. Nails, left sticking out a little by the nail gun, are driven flat by hand. Otherwise they interfere with the next course of siding. (day #20)

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 11 - Boeing builders after a productive dayThe Boeing team after Saturday’s build day #20. Good progress on wrapping the house, leaving only a small area on N wall to complete. Ready for windows on build day #21. (Some builders left before picture was captured.)

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