Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 13

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Week 13 had our typical Wed/Sat builds, and then a special build on Sunday by the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals (WAMP). Focus this week was getting the exterior coverings installed and sealed. The roof cover was complete Wednesday. Practically all window and house trim was installed, and sealing (caulking) began. The plumbing and electrical rough-in work items are also well along. All rough-in activities are planned to finish this month. Three key inspections (framing, electrical, and plumbing) must be passed before we can insulate and begin closing up the walls. More than 30 builders contributed 200+ hours of build time this week. Thank you!

Progress Photos Week 13

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 13 - Owner Builders Sandy and Ray pitch in
Week 13 began with the introduction of our owner/builders, Sandy and Ray Flores.

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Builders measure the next cut for trim on the back porch.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 13 - Builders harness up to install siding
Two builders put on harnesses to work off the front porch roof as the install siding.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 13 - The WAMP build team at days end
The build team from the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals (WAMP) focused on siding installation. Terrific job builders!

Check on progress during the prior week (Week 12).

Thank you!
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