Phoenix 2 progress photos Week 5

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We completed Week 5 of P2 construction, with two build days (#8 and #9). Lots of progress! During Wednesday a full crew of builders completed the S and E exterior walls, and nailed together all main floor interior walls. Our Saturday builders completed a number of work items needed to tidy the site up, and complete exterior sheathing.

Progress Photos Week 5

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - Backfill foundation complete - looking SE
Early in Week 5 our equipment operators went to work and back-filled the trench around the house. With the dirt pile and earth moving machine removed it’s easy to see what we’re up to.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - nailing the E wall sheathing
A builder nails down the exterior wall sheathing. The walls are built lying down to ease construction. 

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - Preparing to raise E wall
The 1st floor becomes the work platform for wall. Space is tight as some builders finish the E exterior wall, and others are cutting materials that go together to form the interior walls.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - Builders assembling 1st floor interior walls
Interior walls come together quickly.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - Field changes approved
Field changes to plan are common. Here we document changes to stairs builders have recommended so stairway meets expected clearances. Again, getting something built is a collaborative effort across many different disciplines.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 5 - Saturday crew pauses for a photo
Our Saturday build crew was anchored by a great team from The Mill, a major apartment community in Mill Creek, WA. It was a wet cold build but everyone’s spirit kept it lively. We completed all our work items by lunch time.

Coming in Week 6: 2nd floor joists, flooring, and exterior/interior wall. More very visible progress in the coming week.

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Chris Anderson
Construction Manager, HFH Snohomish Co.