Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 6

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We’ve completed 11 days of building since 5/13/16 permit issue date. This week 2nd floor joists were installed, stair construction began, concrete footings for front porch located and poured. A dumpster arrived to collect trimmings. A safety rail was installed to help workers installing 2nd floor deck. That’s where we’ll start Week 7.

Progress Photos Week 6

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 6 - Installing 2nd floor joists
Builders install joists overhead. Joists support the 2nd floor. Lifting the heavy 20′ long pieces demands lots of attention. All were installed by end of day.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 6 - Saturday builder briefing plan
Saturday builders briefing helps keep safety top-of-mind.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 6 - Safety rail installed
Safety rail installed at end of build day #11. We hoped to have some 2nd floor decking installed too, but time did not allow.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 6 - Saturday builders (partial crew)
The core of Saturday’s build crew joined us from Naval Station Everett Chaplin’s Department. We ended promising to get a special group build arranged so more people could join in.

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Chris Anderson
construction manager