Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 7

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We completed one planned build in Week 7. (Saturday closed due to holiday.) A crew of thirteen builders hammered out the rough framing for the stair, installed all 2nd floor decking, and began cutting and assembling the 2nd floor walls. That’s where the Week 8 crew will begin.

Progress Photos Week 7

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 7 - Chips fly as openings are cut in subfloor
Part of the decking just installed is removed to expose final steps up into 2nd floor living space.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 7 - Porch column supports installed
The concrete piers supporting the front porch and roof structure are poured.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 7 - 2nd floor wall layout underway
With the 2nd floor deck installed work begins cutting and and laying out the 2nd floor walls. The rail installed last week keeps builders safe.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 7 - Components for 2nd floor walls wait for assembly
At the end of the day wall components are stacked out of the way so wall assembly can begin quickly at start of the next build Wednesday 7/6/16. (No Saturday build due to July 4th holiday.)

Week 8 will begin with exterior wall assembly and raising, and cutting components for 2nd floor interior walls.

As always, many thanks to Week 7 builders.

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Chris Anderson, construction manager