Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 8

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Two solid build days (#13 and 14) completed this week. The eighth week of construction. Second floor walls construction began and completed Wednesday. Front porch framing took shape over both days. The structure is ready for roof trusses, arriving Wednesday.

Progress Photos Week 8

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 8 - The W 2nd Floor wall goes up
Builders early Wednesday raised the 2nd floor W wall. Three exterior walls (and a bunch interior walls) to go.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 8 - Materials get passed up to second floor
Good amount of effort was spent getting materials to 2nd floor.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 8 - Mini-forest on the 2nd floor
Late Saturday a forest of 2x4s wait for the roof trusses coming on the next build, the 15th day of construction.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 8 - Father and son nail down the top plate
A father and son team ensures the top plate, which ties everything together, is securely nailed.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 8 - Truing up the S wall
Truing up the S wall in preparation for next piece of the structure. The roof.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 8 - Project team thinks through what's next
Construction team thinks through what’s next.

More than 20 unique builders helped us this week. I’ll be ever appreciative!

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Thanks for helping us build!

Chris Anderson, Construction Manager
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