Phoenix 2 Progress Photos Week 9

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Two solid build days, #15 and 16, in the books. The final elements of the main structure, the trusses, arrived early on Day 15. After being dropped on the top of the frame, builders set about getting trusses nailed down into their final positions. Roof decking started after lunch. Builders on day #16 installed the remaining full sheets of roof decking, leaving only a narrow portion of roof uncovered. That’s where builders will pick-up on Day #17. Also, electrical rough-in started, and piers for the back porch were poured.

Progress Photos Week 9

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 9 - Builders early in truss install process
The truss company delivers their product to the second floor where builders move them into final position. Trusses are engineered components built in a factory. They save us time and use less wood compared to traditional roof framing methods.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 9 - Porch roof trusses go up too
Smaller trusses speed construction of the front porch roof.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 9 - The forest holding up the roof decking
Sunlight beams onto the second floor from the narrow opening that has yet to be decked. Note the blue electrical outlet boxes low on the walls. The next crew of builders will close up the roof by inspection time now planned for 11AM on the 20th.

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 9 - Builders after a productive Saturday
The Faster Than A Turtle team and a number of our regular Saturday builders got lots done. Many thanks builders. Well done!

Phoenix 2 Progress Week 9 - Checking the view out the nook window
Looking out on 23rd St from the nook window.

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