Phoenix 2 – What’s after permits?

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Right now we’re completing the final planning steps required to obtain permit to build our two-story home. With permits in hand, step 1 of building a house (Plans and Permits) comes to a close.

UPDATE: Permits granted 5/13/16. More here.

So, what’s next? Building a house, for me, falls into five buckets. After Step 1 Plans and Permits we’ll need to complete Step 2 Site/Foundation. This gets the site ready to build on, and lays the foundation for the P2 structure. (I’ve added a new picture that captures the 5-step process in more detail.)

Step 3 Structure/Dry-in comes next. This includes all framing elements, including roof framing, and all exterior elements needed to keep the structure dry and secure. Exterior doors and windows installed, for example.

Step 4 Systems/Rough-in includes installation of all electrical, plumbing, heating, and insulating elements to the structure.

Finally, Step Five Interior/Trim-out refers to installation of drywall, all cabinets and fixtures, and all finish surfaces (paint, flooring). At the end of Step 5 you have a home ready to serve a family for generations.

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