TCV Phase 1 – This is how we begin

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With our Phoenix 2 project complete, and the Flores Family beginning to settle into their new surroundings, it’s time to begin building homes for the next group of families we’ll serve. A long-term project called Twin Creeks Village. Review the general Twin Creeks Village post from Oct 2016 to learn more about our long-term objective.

We’ll start the project by focusing on the first structure planned, and answer three questions about what we want to accomplish with TCV Phase 1.

  • What are we going to build (called project scope)?
  • How much time do we have to get it done (project schedule)?
  • How many builders will it take to get it done in time available (project resources)?

What’s happening this week? I’ve written the scope, schedule and resource statements. I will be reviewing with project stakeholders: construction team leads, our project architects, project sponsors.

Feedback from this group will no doubt improve on this starting point, making sure our initial charter will satisfy our community’s desire to make Snohomish Co a better place to live.

What’s next? With feedback and guidance captured and included we’ll share TCV Phase 1 Charter here next week. I’d like to know what you think.

Chris Anderson
HFHSC Construction Manager