We met our goal for last week: applying interior wall texture and priming all drywall surfaces.
So many to thank!
Earlier this month, we benefited from a special contribution from Interior Finishing Trades NW, a commercial finish trade school. Eric Palmer held his class at GB2 over the week of October 7th. All drywall was beautifully finished!
Big thanks to the builders from ISEC Construction on-site Thursday, October 17th. They finished up the gable siding, and did a wonderful job spraying texture through-out the interior. ISEC is a commercial interior finish shop and they’ve sponsored our build project at Gold Bar. It was a pleasure having them on-site – they plan to join us again before we complete this home.
10 builders from St. Alban’s Episcopal Chruch joined us on Saturday. They finished the prime coat right about lunch time.
Finally, thanks to the siding team. They’re a group of regular volunteers on the build site who’ve worked siding for a number of our projects. Everyone got plenty of ladder time! Thanks for your diligence sticking with the installation requirements.
Looking forward
The next inside work will be rolling the interior color coat. We’ll do that this Saturday, October 26th with the help of our regular volunteer builders. Wednesday’s plan calls for delivery of the cabinet set donated from Evergreen Cabinets. Install will start right away and that will be the focus of the day. We also expect to have the septic installer to begin work on Thursday, October 31st. It’s not clear the number of days on-site required, but expecting at least a few days of activity.
Door installation will begin toward the end of October or beginning of November. Stay tuned!
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