Take a peek at the fun we had in the Philippines!

We’ve returned from our very successful Global Village build in Pinamalayan, Mindoro, Philippines. This was our Habitat affiliate’s first Global Village trip and we’re already excited for more!

Throughout the course of a week, our team worked on six different homes – excavating two lots and laying a total of 888 bricks on four others. Our build was very successful and put the construction of these lots ahead of schedule!

One of our team’s most memorable parts of this trip was meeting some of the Habitat home partners in the Pinamalayan village. Some of the homes in the development are complete and have partner families living in them. We learned that this Habitat project has already given these homeowners a sense of community and stability.

One woman we met is a preschool teacher and teaches students out of the second unit in the duplex she and her family resides. Her students are children that live in this development. Her eldest daughter has finished college and currently teaches high school students. When meeting another mother living in the Habitat-built neighborhood, she told us about her five children’s school accomplishments and it became very apparent that these partner families deeply value education for their children. All of the partner families felt so proud of their homes and so grateful to us for building more.

We learned that in the Philippines, minimum wage is around 250 pesos per day – that is about $5 USD. Our host coordinator explained that even people with good jobs cannot afford a home in the Philippines. Government workers, teachers and other educated people and their families often end up homeless or live in poorly built and non-typhoon-resilient homes. These are the families that Habitat Philippines partners with. In the Philippines, families are big and the Habitat homes are small, but they are sturdy and provide access to electricity – both things that are difficult for educated working families to obtain.

The estimated total number of partners the Pinamalayan project will serve is 535 families and there is a very long list of people in Pinamalayan waiting for the stability of a Habitat home. It felt good to help further the progress of this project, knowing that these homes are a high need in that community. Globally we have many differences, but one thing that’s universal is the need for a decent, affordable home. I feel so humbled to have helped build homes not only here in Snohomish County, but also halfway across the world.

Thank you to everyone that has supported our Global Village program.



Katie Rickel, Global Village Team Leader
Volunteer Engagement Manager


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