Why We Build Internationally

“This was my first experience in a developing country. It helped me overcome a fear of the unknown and gave me the opportunity to relate to a culture I otherwise would have missed.”

– Meredith, Philippines Global Village Volunteer

“I had the opportunity to visit and build homes in the country I am from. The last time I visited the Philippines, I remember seeing a level of poverty I had never seen in the U.S. I’m glad I got the opportunity to go back and help that problem.”  

– Raymond, Philippines Global Village Volunteer

Our affiliate is committed to providing affordable housing in Snohomish County, but also cares about international Habitat work. We strive to support other U.S. Habitat affiliate projects. Habitat for Humanity is a family; we work together to eliminate poverty housing wherever it may be. We work hard at a local level, but do not stop there to support safe and affordable home ownership in any community, near or far.

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization to which local affiliate organizations operate under as independent nonprofit organizations. There is a Habitat for Humanity International office, several national and regional offices in our country and around the globe and small local affiliates like ours here in Snohomish County. All Habitat organizations operate with the same mission and under the direction that Habitat for Humanity International has outlined.

All Habitat for Humanity offices and affiliates seek to bring the community together to build homes, community and hope with the vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. While local affiliates and regional organizations put most focus toward local efforts, part of our duty is to assist other communities that Habitat for Humanity operates in. Habitat for Humanity is internationally focused and originated as a housing mission assist other countries.

All Habitat affiliates have a required tithe to support Habitat’s international efforts. While tithes are not generally a large percent of the affiliates’ funds, they support Habitat organizations in developing countries a great deal.

As part of our tithing commitment to Habitat International, our affiliate’s board of directors has written a goal of two Global Village trips per year into our affiliate’s strategic plan. Closed affiliate Global Village trips are volunteer trips led by a staff member and funded by the Global Village team members that attend the trip. Our affiliate also receives tithe credit for Global Village trips, which means we spend less of our funds on tithing to Habitat International and more toward local building.

If a time comes when our community may experience stress such as a natural disaster or an extreme housing crisis, we know that we can call on other Habitat organizations for help.

If you’re interested in joining our next Global Village trip or supporting our Global Village program financially please visit our Global Village page.

For more information about Habitat for Humanity International’s Global Village program, please visit their Global Village page.