We’re Building Foundations

Construction activities at our Bayside Home project are running at full speed and we’ve just completed installation of the framing and roof. We are deeply grateful to Amor Roofing and GAF Roofing for generously donating all materials and labor for the installation.
As the Alvarado family’s new home takes shape, we’d like to reflect on how far we’ve come, and on the countless hours of work that our volunteers have contributed. We couldn’t do it without them.

Similarly, as we build the foundations of this home, we are also supporting our partner homebuyers in building a strong foundation for their family. Through the process of building and purchasing their own affordable home, the Alvarados develop the necessary knowledge and skills of personal finance, mortgage loans and home maintenance that helps set them up for success well after they’ve moved into their new home.

As housing costs continue to rise, homeownership is pushed further out of reach and too many in our communities struggle to secure the decent and stable housing that their families need to thrive.

 Would you be willing to make a contribution to help us complete our Bayside Home project?

 Your gift creates more opportunities for hard-working families to build strong foundations for their futures and moves us closer to our vision where everyone has a decent place to live.

Thank you for your support!

We are excited to share that we have begun the hiring process for our Director of Housing!

This position will oversee all aspects of our land acquisition, site development, home construction, and home repair activities. The Director of Housing will greatly increase our capacity and capability to build, repair, and preserve more affordable homes in our neighborhoods. As a key leader within our organization, this role is at the heart of advancing our mission to create lasting, impactful change in the community through safe and affordable housing.


Monthly Giving

Monthly donations create a consistent and sustainable source of support that helps make Habitat a stronger and more resilient organization and allowing us to serve more of our community.

Give on Behalf of Someone

Give a gift on behalf of or in honor of a friend or loved one to contribute towards helping a family achieve housing stability.

Donate Store Items

Donations of new or gently used home improvement items are diverted from landfills and are sold at our Habitat Stores with proceeds going towards supporting our mission.


By sponsoring habitat for Humanity Snohomish County, your company or organization can support projects, builds and individuals in our area.

Vehicle Donation

Donate a car, truck, boat, or recreational vehicle to Habitat for Humanity Snohomish. The net proceeds from the sale of your vehicle help build and repair affordable homes in our area. 

Pledge Your Time

Pledging volunteer hours is a cost-free way to make a lasting impact on our community.  Whether you’re pledging your time to the Home Repair Service, Habitat Stores, or Special Events, every minute spent will help build housing stability for our neighbors  in Snohomish County.

Stocks and Bonds

 Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have appreciated in value are among the ways to ensure that Habitat can reduce housing instability for families in your local community.

Donate Materials

Our construction and home repair programs rely on material donations of building materials and specialized labor from our community partners to help us complete our projects.

Donor Advised Funds

 Donating through a Donor Advised fund can be fast and easy, while offering financial flexibility and tax benefits.

Vicki Rode

Critical Roof Replacement – Completed 10/20/2022

Retired aviation technician and teacher Vicki Rode contacted Habitat Snohomish regarding repairs to the roof of her aging Snohomish home. During the great recession, Vicki was laid off from her 25-year technician career. As a 59-year-old woman, she found herself confronting age and gender-based biases when trying to re-enter the workforce. Unable to find employment, she was forced to live off her limited savings and had a hard time keeping up with expensive home repairs. 
As Habitat Construction Manager, Chris Anderson, walked through the home, he discovered a major leak in the master bathroom, multiple cases of drywall peeling and collapsing, water leaking from the roof through window frames, major leakage and rot around the chimney, and an area where water was seeping down a wall and into the home’s electrical panel. It was quickly determined that the roof would likely not survive another winter.
“I had to not think about it and hope for a miracle,” said Vicki. “It will take such a load off my mind. Without Habitat’s help I would have to continue what I’ve been doing for far too long, which is waiting and hoping the roof would make it through the next winter without failing completely.”

Eric Werner

Accessibility Ramp Build – Completed 2/29/2022

In February 2022, Eric Werner, a Lake Stevens homeowner, needed help building an accessibility ramp for his five-year-old daughter, Fiona. Fiona is a kindergartner diagnosed with Patau syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that requires her to use a wheelchair to move around at school, doctor’s appointments, and other places outside of her home.
As Fiona grows up, it’s become more difficult for her father, Eric, to lift her down the stairs to her wheelchair – especially as he has had multiple hip surgeries. With the family of nine living on a single income, the Werner family needed help providing more mobility and access for Fiona.
Habitat Snohomish, along with volunteers and supporters, was able to help the Werner Family build a wheelchair ramp using recycled decking material that was generously donated by Stanwood United Methodist Church. With this access ramp in place, Fiona can now experience the world more easily.
“She loves getting outside and going places. I get emotional thinking about how much of a game changer it’s going to be for our family.”

Grayson Family

Critical Roof Replacement – Completed 1/30/2022

Dee Grayson, 77, has lived in her home for more than 30 years. In the past few years, however, the Graysons have struggled to repair their home. Dee Grayson suffered a traumatic brain injury after a driver hit her from behind. Dee’s husband William Grayson, 79, a veteran, had back surgery that ultimately left him paralyzed. The couple’s money and attention went toward medical bills and buying a trailer that was more accessible for William than their large, two-story house.
The Graysons’ daughter, who saw the gutter falling off her parents’ home, found the Home Repair Service program, offered through Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County. She helped them apply. Originally, the Graysons wanted help repainting the house and repairing their gutter. Now, the program is helping them with a much larger project: replacing their roof.
Dee Grayson said. “It was so unbelievable that they would help with such a huge thing. If they didn’t, we couldn’t live here.”Anderson said it was clear the Graysons needed a new roof when he assessed the site in October. Dee Grayson had no idea her roof was leaking until Anderson told her. Even if she had known, Dee Grayson said, she and her husband couldn’t afford to fix it.
“It was a miracle for us,” For the Graysons, their roof replacement means they can keep living in their home.

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Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County brings people together to build homes, community and hope. We envision a world where everyone has a decent and affordable place to live.




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