Sponsor a Home

We’re able to help families build homes for themselves and put down roots in our neighborhood by bringing our community together. Some give their time and talents, and others give construction supplies. But at the end of the day we still need financing to build and repair our neighbors’ homes.

By sponsoring a home, your company or organization will make a difference that will last a lifetime and beyond. These families remain in their homes for the duration of their mortgages. They become taxpayers, shoppers, students, employees, parishioners, clients, voters and friends. Their children get to be raised in a stable home and continue to build our community through the next generation.

It costs us on average $140,000 to build each home or unit. Will you join us in making Snohomish County a more affordable, stable and prosperous place for all?

Three Ways To Sponsor

General Sponsor

General Sponsorships provide funding that can be used anywhere in our organization. These sponsorships are extremely helpful, as we often have expenses that help build our capacity to raise funds and provide our services that are unmet. (Like replacing very old computers or purchasing software or power tools.) General Sponsors get the same benefits as Build Sponsorss by default. 

Build Sponsors

Build Sponsorships are designated for building homes for low-income families. They can be designated for the whole program or for a specific project. These sponsorships are sometimes used to pay for the services and contractors that are difficult to get donated, like electrical work, engineering and planning, and permit fees. 100% of these funds are put toward our Homeownership Program. 

Event Sponsors

Event Sponsorships help to produce our Annual Raise the Roof Fundraiser in the fall. These funds can be used as matching funds or a challenge donation to help spur individuals to donate. They can also be used to provide for some incidental event costs. Finally, they can be designated to a specific program or project that the event’s proceeds will benefit. 

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