Building with Youth

Empowering children and teens to contribute to solving the problem of affordable housing.

What is the Building with Youth Program?

This program gives youth an organized way to get involved in creating housing stability and ultimately acknowledges their contribution. This is a three-part program that involves learning about HFHSC, helping HFHSC by doing at least two approved activities, and reflecting on the experience. Each participant, who completes the program, will be presented with a certificate and a HABIreward.

            3 steps to earn your HABIreward


Develop your knowledge from our list of recourses and activities.


Get involved with your community by starting/joining a club, fundraising, incorporating your church/scout troop/club, advocating for affordable housing, helping neighbors in need, contributing creative skills, and supporting building crews.


Document your experience (through writing or art) of getting involved with your community.

Can I use this community service for school or service clubs?

Yes, as long as the school’s form has been filled out and the hours verified by the adult sponsor and a Habitat Staff Member.

How do I get started?

Select an activity from the list below  and contact our Volunteer Engagement Manager. Youth 16 and older may choose to volunteer in one of our stores if they prefer. Youth under the age of 16 may volunteer at a Habitat Store with a parent/guardian or by completing the activities outlined on this list.

Genevieve Hewitt, Volunteer Engagement Manager  / 425.258.6289

    Learn – Choose two activities

    · Read part or all of Nickel and Dimed, On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich – for older teens

    · Read one of the children’s books produced by Habitat International: Grandpa’s Hammer, Raising the Roof, Doorway to the World, or Building Friends – for younger kids · At read a recent edition of Habitat International’s publication, Habitat World

    · Learn about how Habitat builds in other countriespick a country that Habitat builds in and write about the problems that Habitat works to address in that country

    · Schedule a Q&A with one of our HFHSC Leadership Team Memberstype up questions and answers afterward and write a paragraph about what you learned – work with Genevieve to coordinate.

    · Play SPENT at and share what you learned in a short written paragraph.


    Act – Choose two activities

    · Start a Habitat campus club or chapter at your school 

    · Create an online fundraising campaign for Habitat Snohomish and ask people to support the mission financiallyUse GoFundMe or a similar site, Facebook Donations, etc. – Please coordinate with HFHSC

    · Write and send letters to your elected officials advocating for affordable housingdiscuss specific initiatives with our staff

    · Provide and bring lunch to the homer repair service work site for the volunteers

    · Make greeting cards for HFHSC to use for donor and volunteer thank you cards

    · Chores for Shingles (Groups): Do a chore at home every day for an allowance (i.e. wash dishes for $1 every night) for one week and bring the allowance collected into the meeting/class at the end of the week – receive a construction paper shingle for every dollar contributed. Build a construction paper roof with your group’s earned shingles. Donate the allowance money raised to Habitat Snohomish to help build a roof.

    · Take a regular builder to coffee and learn about their experiences with Habitat; write a report and a follow-up thank you note. Please coordinate with Genevieve.

    · Plan and complete a fundraiser for HFHSC i.e. carwash, lemonade stand, bake sale,

    coin drive, fun run, etc.

    · Make an announcement in your church, school, or other organization about current volunteer opportunities with our organization (to an audience that is primarily 16 and older)

    · If you are an individual, organize a group volunteer activity for a group of friends, team/scout troop or your family – must have prior approval by Genevieve

    · If you would like to do an activity not listed here or modify a currently listed activity, please send a request to Genevieve at


    Reflect – Choose one activity

    · Create a picture through painting, drawing, etc. (for younger children)

    · Create a scrapbook, poster, or another visual report of any artwork, photos, stories, or essays you created throughout your service project.

    · Write a prayer, or poem for HFHSC to use at groundbreakings/dedications and other special events

    · Write an essay or story about one of the following

    How HFHSC serves the local community and your volunteer experience

    Local affordable housing issues

    What “home” means to you and why it’s important


    Habitat partner family child
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