Staff and Board of Directors


Steven Li, President

Anthony Porter, Treasurer

Mary Rickel, Secretary


John Budd

Kim Toskey

Jack Richards

Jessica Moore

Jayme Larsen


Roger Johnson, Executive Director

Brooke Burdick – Community Outreach Director

Katie Rickel – Volunteer Engagement Manager

Chris Anderson – Construction Manager

Kathleen Green – Administrative Specialist

Sharon Berry – Bookkeeper

Cydney Watkins – Material Donations Manager 

Dirk Mclvor – Donation Truck Driver

Anita Sims – Lynnwood Store Manager

Karisa Lee – Lynnwood Store Assistant Manager

Jeanne Suarez – Lynnwood Store Assistant Manager

Delaney Lane – Everett Store Manager

Jess Bryant – Everett Store Assistant Manager

Kelli Henderson – Smokey Point Store Manager

Michelle Johnson – Smokey Point Store Assistant Manager


Staff and Board Portal
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Learn more about our opportunities available to join the board of directors! Contact our Volunteer Engagement Manager at volunteer@habitatsnohomish.org for more information.