Jayme Larsen | President

Anthony Porter | Treasurer

Mary Rickel | Secretary


Cary Westerbeck

Chris Syberg

Rob Taft Jr.

Corey Preugschat

Learn more about our opportunities available to join the board of directors! See available positions here, or contact our Volunteer Engagement Manager at for more information.

Administrative Staff

Steven Li | Executive Director

Karisa Lee | Retail Operations Director

Maya Azimioara | Director of Development & Communications

Chris Anderson | Construction Manager

Genevieve Hewitt | Volunteer Engagement Manager

Kathleen Green | Homeowner Services Specialist

Sharon Berry | Bookkeeper

Mark Tintinger | Marketing Communications Specialist

MaryKatherine Koons | Administrative Specialist

Store Staff

Chris Grennes | Manager, Lynnwood Store

Mercy Mitchell | Assistant Manager, Lynnwood Store

Kelli Henderson | Manager, Everett Store

Jess Bryant | Assistant Manager, Everett Store

Beth Ebbighausen | Assistant Manager, Smokey Point Store

Gary-David Reese | Assistant Manager, Smokey Point Store

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