Items Accepted in Our Stores

Please read about the items we do and do not accept before making a donation. If you have any questions about what we accept, how to donate store items or you would like to arrange a pick up, please call 425-405 -7770 or send us an email.


Donations being picked up must be on the street level in the front of the house (garage and carport also acceptable). Our driver and volunteers are unable to enter your home to pick up donations.


Electric appliances must be clean and in 100 percent working order with no missing parts. 

Dishwashers must be made in 2014 or later and have EPA verfication. All appliances must be less than 10 years old. 


We accept cabinets in complete units. They must have doors, drawers, shelving, display racks, etc. in place, with no protruding nails, screws, or broken pieces.

We do not accept cabinets with tile countertops, cabinets with missing doors or drawers. No cabinets with nails, screws, broken pieces, water damage, rot or mildew.


We accept interior panel type doors and most exterior dorrs if they are in good condition.  They must not have holes, cracks or rot.  Interior doors must not be painted.  Framed doors must have the molding nails removed.  Door frames are accepted only if attached to the door.

We do not accept mirrored doors or doors with holes, cracks, or rot, or interior doors with paint on them.  We do not accept flat hollow core interior doors.  We do not accept door frames not attached to their door.


We accept new electrical parts, wire, plates and the hardware associated with residential electrical wiring.

We do not accept used electrical parts, wire, or parts with paint on visible surfaces. We do not accept commercial or industrial electrical parts without prior approval.


We accept household furniture such as tables, wooden chairs, china cabinets, hutches, curio cabinets and bed frames in usable condition.

We do not accept upholstered furniture with rips, tears, frayed areas, stains, odors, pet hair, broken springs or parts.  We do not accept “loose” glass top coffee or end tables. We do not accept mattresses, box springs, futons, sleeper sofas or bedding. We do not accept commercial, institutional or office furniture. We do not accept entertainment centers, desks or drafting tables or pool tables


We accept new, full boxes only of vinyl flooring, solid wood and laminate flooring with a 60 square-foot minimumWe accept new carpet only from approved commercial donors.

We do not accept used vinyl flooring, wood, or laminate flooring. We do not accept carpet from non-commercial donors.


We accept new tile in original boxes with a 20 square-foot minimum.

We do not accept used tile, or small quantities except accent tile.  No partial or open grout, sealers, adhesive, etc.


We accept general household hardware; commercial or industrial hardware on a case-by-case basis.

We do not accept rusted hardware or containers of loose, mixed hardware.


We accept insulation fully wrapped in original packaging.

We do not accept insulation coming out of its wrapper, partial packages, or wrapped in other than original packaging.


We accept LED and incandescent household lighting in working condition. Lamps must have shades. We accept unused light bulbs in original packaging, except halogen or fluorescent bulbs & fixtures. Industrial or commercial lighting on a case-by-case basis.

We do not accept used light bulbs, halogen or fluorescent fixtures or bulbs, or recessed (canned) lighting. We do not accept gold light fixtures unless vintage.


We accept unpainted lumber and trim over four feet in length. We accept half sheets or more of plywood and other sheet goods.

We do not accept lumber with rot, mildew, nails or screws. We do not accept used trim full of holes or consumer painted trim.

Paint & wall coverings

We accept full unopened original containers of latex interior and exterior paint less than 5 years old. We accept full rolls of wallpaper in original wrapping.

We do not accept old paint or paint in cans with damaged, faded or missing labels. No paint that is not in original containers or non-latex coatings.


We accept drain, waste and vent pipe over 4 feet long. We accept showers, sinks and vanities in good, clean condition. We accept clean, working low flush (1.6 gallon) toilets with wax ring removed. We accept kitchen and bathroom faucets that meet EPA standards (2014 and later).

We do not accept water heaters, water supply pipe, heat pumps, jetted or cast iron tubs or sinks (unless made after 2014 with EPA lead certification markings), kitchen or bathroom faucets, dishwashers, tub & shower doors with frame.


We accept all types of new roofing in original bundles and packaging. Gutters & downspout in full lengths .

We do not accept used roofing. No loose pieces or broken bundles.


We accept all hand tools and electric tools in working condition. We accept gas powered tools only if drained of gas.

We do not accept gas powered equipment with gas in it. Gas must be drained before donation. We do not accept nonworking electric tools – all guards and safety parts should be in place, with a fully-intact cord, no wire damage, or excessive rust or wear. We do not accept acetylene, propane, butane or other gas fuels or containers or fire extinguishers.


We accept double-pane vinyl windows in fully working order of not over five feet in either dimension.

We do not accept windows with broken seals – fogging or wet between the panes. No windows over 5 ft either dimension. No wood or aluminum windows. No unframed glass or mirrors.

Items We Are Unable to Accept
  • Anything broken or incomplete
  • Items that have rust, mildew, rot, or are otherwise decayed or past their useful life
  • Unframed mirrors or glass, single or double pane
  • Hazardous materials: pesticides, fuels, fireworks, weapons, unmarked containers or bulk products (liquids, gels, pastes, powders) not in the original container with intact label.
  • No acetylene, propane, butane or other gas or liquid fuels or containers.
  • Electronics: TVs radios, computers, monitors, printers, game consoles/controllers, musical instruments
  • Smoke alarms, fire extinguishers
  • Clothing, bedding, futons, mattresses, box springs, sleeper sofas, glass top coffee or end tables, desks
  • Fluorescent or halogen fixtures or bulbs
  • Furnaces, wood and pellet stoves, fireplace inserts, baseboard heaters
  • Jetted tubs, cast iron sinks, cast iron tubs
  • Water heaters, water supply pipe, heat pumps, kitchen or bathroom faucets, dishwashers (unless current lead certification labels are present on the item)
  • Air conditioners and swamp coolers
  • Drafting tables, pool tables
  • Garage doors, garage door openers, garage door parts. Gate openers
  • Window coverings: drapes, blinds, roller shades
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Pet supplies
  • Recreational sports equipment, sewing machines