Event Captain Resources

Welcome, and thank you for being an Event Captain for our fundraiser this year! Below you can find all sorts of resources to help you bring your friends and family into our Habitat family. Being an Event Captain is easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Invite

Send out emails, make phone calls or write letters to as few as 5 people to as many as you’d like! If you don’t know quite what to say, you can customize these templates we’ve created for you below. Once someone agrees to attend the event, suggest they mark their calendars, and either record their information for future communication or have them sign up for event registration through Facebook. 

2. Remind

The week of the event, send them a quick text, email or phone call reminding them of the date, time and website address to view the event. If they have registered, they’ll also get brief reminder emails.

3. Follow Up

After the event is over, we’ll keep the video on our website for later rewatching or to show to those who missed it. Send them a few texts, emails or phone calls to remind them to watch the video and to thank them for their support.

That’s it!

To sign up as an event captain, email Sherry Dawley at sdawley@habitatsnohomish.org

Facebook Event Link
Sponsorship Levels and Benefits
Video Links

Sandy and Ray’s Story: https://youtu.be/Sx_lrDjcAjo

Twin Creeks Village Announcement: https://youtu.be/W6FnSYlTICU 

If you’d like a Habitat t-shirt, please provide your information in the form below. You can pick it up from our Lynnwood office location if you live nearby. Otherwise, please provide a shipping address.

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