Our construction activities are organized by the construction committee. We meet monthly (2nd Tue) to review what got done, and what’s next. This month we’ll discuss the following. TCV Subdivision Application (and related civil construction plan) – Plan to be formally submitted to city this week (Chris owns) – Project plan for engaging contractors to help with civil construction (Ralph) – Building demo plan and progress. EFD is set to train. Need full hazmat testing redone before demo. (Chris) Gold Bar 2 – Review permit requirements and timing for submitting for review (Stephanie) – Review project schedule for 40-wk build (Sat only) TCV Phase 2 – Generate plan detail for Phase 2 Step 1 – Plans and permits. – Start planned for 10/1/18. Includes GAP building and unit design. – Plan covers all Phase 2 Step 1 activities with permits awarded 4/2019 FY19 Construction Budget Board feedback on budget – Budget for GB2 using SOP build method (regular in-kind donations) – TCV Civil Construction – uses retail model to set price – TCV Phase 2 budgeting placeholder today – discuss how to add detail to address scale-up in work A big thanks to cmte members for investing time planning! Chris

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