In October, volunteers at our Gold Bar home finished the siding and prepared the exterior for painting. Both of these accomplishments are major milestones. Volunteers also completed much of the interior of the home. More than 1,500 volunteer hours brought us to this point in the project: a fundamentally complete home missing only the elements that will make it comfortable and safe for years to come.
As we push to the finish, the activities required to complete the home become more focused. For example, last week, we painted the exterior of the home; it will be gray with white trim. Additionally cabinets were delivered thanks to a donation from Emerald City Cabinets. We’re ready to begin cabinet installation this week.
Chris Anderson, our Construction Manager, is working on obtaining interior doors, trim, and flooring materials. Each of these items has “gift-in-kind” potential, which means that we can often have these materials donated. Staff and volunteers are visiting potential donors to discuss the needed items and we will soon be installing these finishing touches.
The expected completion of our Gold Bar home is on target, with December 21st scheduled as the family’s move-in day!
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