Here’s a summary (from report). Or read the full report at link below. Thanks!

  • Affiliate is significantly behind the construction long-term objective of serving 50 families with homes in ten years. Changes supporting increases in production capacity underway (implementing safety policy, review purchasing process, consistently capture in-kind donations)

  • Jimenez Family Build (TCV Phase 1) at critical point where multiple inspections must occur in-order to maintain schedule; water supply line upgrade likely required, perhaps driving project over-budget.

  • TCV Master plan site design starting to lock down as overall site requirements from city are determined. Architect’s proposal includes work now underway, and forecasts design work needed to complete project.

  • Gold Bar 2 site geologically sensitive limiting unit size and increasing cost (extra testing)

  • Reforming HFHSC Construction Committee to increase clarity about the affiliate’s construction activity and who’s leading the way. The committee will be led by board member and bring together members experienced in building and ready to donate the time required to lead the affiliate’s construction program.

Full report: HFHSC Construction Manager Report for FY18 Month 7

Chris, HFHSC Construction Manager

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