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HFHSC Presents – Home Maintenance Class V1

Updated Monday 7/16/18

Thanks to the twenty or so folks who joined the discussion on Saturday. This was my first time presenting this content. It is always a little different in presentation compared to what I imagined when writing the presentation. Will feed those improvements back into an improved V2. We do not have another home maintenance session scheduled. Next probably in the Fall (Oct/Nov).

More information on the ten systems that make up a home (the class is organized around the ten systems).

The Ten Systems that make up a home are…
1 SITE (general lot upon which the house sits)
2 FOUNDATION (in-ground and above ground elements connecting site and structure)
3 STRUCTURE (the bones that gives house its shape inside and out)
4 OUTSIDE COVERS (the outside skin protecting house and contents from the elements)
5 ROOF COVERS (the sky-facing surfaces, flashing, and gutter/downspouts that keep house dry)
6 ELECTRICAL (makes electricity safe and available throughout the home)
7 PLUMBING (deliver and remove cold/hot water in key areas of the home)
8 HVAC (circulates clean comfortable air throughout the home)
9 INSULATION (reducing energy needed to keep it comfortable)
10 INSIDE COVERS (the inside skin that improves appearance and keeps users safe)

I developed this way of seeing a house during my time inspecting houses. An organized approach is critical so nothing is missed during the site visit. When I started with Habitat SnoCo I needed a similar model to break down the steps in building a house. But Ten steps was too many.

So I collapsed 1 Site and 2 Foundation into Step 2 Site/Foundation. Systems 3 Structure, 4 Outside Covers, and 5 Roof Covers come together in Step 3 Structure/Dry-in. Systems 6, 7, 8, and 9 blend to make of Step 4 Systems/Rough-in. System 10 Inside Covers became Step 5 Interior/Trim-out. Steps 2-5 help shape the construction phase. What I need to add at the front was a Step 1 Plan/Permit. This is the longest most complex step. In the end we have five clear steps needed to build a Habitat home.


Questions or feedback on the slides supporting the presentation are welcome here as comments.

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