I’m anxious to share more about what’s next. Just exactly how are we going to build 24 more Habitat Family homes at TCV in the coming five years. But before I rush to the next thing I want to stop to say “Thank You.”

Here are my note cards you saw at the dedication. With a couple important exceptions (noted at end) these people donated effort and material that made this project possible. (At some point a video of the dedication will surface I suspect.)

After I respond I hear: “That sounds like rewarding.” And I say “It is.” Sometimes people are interested in the how of it. Habitat Story Time. In the bottom corner the note is “work I’m honored to do.” I don’t remember if I actually said that at the dedication. True in any case.

For clarity I’m referring to Christian Kolmodin (cmte chair), Bill Seufert, Jan Kallshian, Dennis O’Brien, Christian Brewer, Ron Hopper, and Stephanie Lam. More on the Const Cmte here. Const Cmte members donate time and experience to planning essential to guiding our broader community of builders. I’m grateful for their commitment!

We’re just over the 6,000 hr forecast I had for this build. I enjoyed building with each of the 300+ having a hand in getting this project done. As I mentioned at the dedication, each is a devoted our mission. (Update – we’ve had a couple builds since dedication so these stats will increase slightly in the final record.)

Nothing good could happen without the work of my colleagues on the affiliate’s staff. Roger Johnson, our Executive Director and staff provide the framework supporting our community. Professionals supporting committee operations. The committees, like the construction committee, translate the strategic input from the board into plans that enable community action to those ends.

John and I have chuckled a few times about working together to repair the front porch of the house that was here. It was my job interview I realized later. I greatly appreciate John and each director on our board as we’ve overcome a number of challenges with this project.

I don’t mention in my dedication comments Anna and Guillermo. What an honor to work with you both building your home. Thank you! As I said at the dedication, we’re neighbors now! I want to be a good neighbor as we figure out how to serve more families.

Two important groups that due to time and impact were not mentioned. First the group of builders donating work in a specialty licensed by the state, or otherwise had a special skill the build required. We’re fortunate to have plumbers, electricians, metal workers, cement finishers, who donated time and expertise that got us to done.

The second group thank you goes to our suppliers. Gabbert Architect Planners translated our requirements into plans we could build from. Dunn Lumber, and in particular everybody at the Lynnwood and Casino Road locations have been big supporters. We made good on a promise I missed at Phoenix 2, having a Dunn Build Day. Good day! Lots of other suppliers played a role. I’ll make a list.

Now, about what’s next. Just how are we going to go from a TCV Community of 1/25 to 25/25? What’s our plan to serve 24 more Habitat Families with homes similar to the Jimenez Home. I’m working on a big part of the answer today (after I finish this post!). The fiscal year 2019 construction budget. I’m trying to capture all the activities required to start three projects (and complete two) during the twelve months starting 7/1. In FY19 we (const cmte) are proposing three projects: Gold Bar 2, TCV Civil Construction, and TCV Phase 2. More about each in coming posts. After board review, revisions, and approval, the budget will form the activities we’re committed to completing over the coming year. That’s the plan!

Go build something today!

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