Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County has decided to close our three Habitat Stores and close our offices to visitors.  We ask our volunteers to stay home and be safe. We do this in recognition of our responsibilities to our staff, volunteers, donors, customers, and to our community as a whole.

Habitat for Humanity builds homes, communities and hope.  Our core mission is to put the love of God into action. We cannot think of anything more expressive of God’s love than protecting individuals – our family of staff, volunteers, supporters, and our community – by doing the best we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are continuing to employ all of our staff in our important work, with work-at-home, enclosed offices where possible and separated work areas to minimize any possible exposure.  We continue to carry out planning and support work for building homes when we emerge from this crisis. Our store staff are working on cleaning, repairing and upgrading our stores so we can go back to full operations better than ever. We will continue to raise funds for our operations and our home building and home repairs programs.

We do this knowing these adjustments will cost us. They will cost a lot.  But we cannot do less for a community that has supported us for 25 years.  We consider that not doing this could literally cost lives. The faster this virus spreads, the more lives will -not could, will – be lost.  So while our response may not be perfect, we must do our part to slow this enemy down while doing the least amount of damage possible to our people, economy and community at large.  We must be fully in this fight.

We ask our community to cooperate and stay with us as we pause our services and try to work through this.  We ask you to continue to support us during this time, and to return as volunteers on our projects and as shoppers in our stores when we can reopen.  I ask you, our Habitat Family, to accept that we are protecting you as well as ourselves, and to stay loyal to us. I ask you to support us in this and to do what you can to make these costs worthwhile.

This is the essence of community: individuals acting out of care for their fellows as individuals and as the whole.  Please work with us to build our community in this way. This is how we build each other up. This is how we build community.  Let us all together accept the cost now so that we can come out stronger later.


God bless and protect you all.

Roger Johnson

Executive Director

Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County

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