We’ve all been told to stay home for our health and safety. But what if you didn’t have a home to go to? That is true for more than 1,100 of our neighbors right here in Snohomish County.

At Habitat for Humanity, we build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter for families in need. But family security is threatened in the current crisis. In a recent survey of families currently living in Habitat homes, more than 50% have experienced a job loss or loss of hours, putting them at risk of losing their homes, feeding their families or missing other crucial bills.

Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County has created the Family Stability Fund to support families living in Habitat homes that have lost jobs and are struggling to get by.

Your support will do three critical things:

1. Provide direct financial assistance to Habitat families at risk to help with mortgage and car payments, other bills and immediate basic needs.

2. Help fund our Repair Program that will provide home repairs, such as building ramps or weatherization, to allow low-income families to stay in their homes longer.

3. Ensure that our operations to bring more affordable housing to Snohomish County continues.

These families have already worked hard to get the home they have. Won’t you help them keep it?

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