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When Kristin and her five children were selected to be a partner family with Habitat for Humanity Snohomish County, she had no idea of the lasting impact it would have on their lives. They had fled a violent situation with her husband and kids’ father, with only the clothes on their back. “We restarted life with nothing,” she said.

Kristin labored diligently to rebuild. She worked two jobs and attended college classes at night. Still, the prospect of finding a home for their large family was out of reach – until she received the good news that she qualified to own a new, affordable Habitat home in Everett.

Every Saturday the family joined with volunteer builders, working together to construct their home. Through the experience, Kristin said, they gained a sense of community. “The loss of a parent can’t be filled, but they saw so many people that showed up and cared.” Kristin says their Habitat home is why her family thrives today.

“Our Habitat Home built more than community. It’s why the kids are thriving today”- Kristin, Habitat homeowner

Her children are grown, have been to college, and are finding their place in life. Each is involved in nonprofit organizations, choosing their own unique ways to “pay it forward” for others. Kristin has been of service in her own way, having since served a few years on Habitat Snohomish’s board of directors.

Today, Kristin is happily remarried, working at Boeing, and living in the same home. And her family always knows how to find their way back home.

More local families are searching for an affordable home to live in.

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