the state or quality of being stable.

Ray and Sandy’s family were like so many new parents, making life decisions for the best of the children’s health and development. With three children, Sandy left her overnight job to care for her family. Not long after, Ray was laid off from his job. 

As a family of five, their housing options quickly became limited. “We were jobless and moved each time apartment rents went up,” said Sandy. “We couldn’t keep up. We had crime in our neighborhood. And then we found mold in our walls. It was super stressful and a scary place to be.”


“We couldn’t keep up. There was crime in the neighborhood, the kids were not safe outside and then we found mold in the walls.”

-Sandy, Habitat Homeowner

Sandy and Ray’s dream of owning a home remained out of reach until they learned about Habitat for Humanity of Snohomish County. Their household erupted in joy and celebration the day they learned they would become a partner family to own the next affordable Habitat home.

They soon worked side-by-side with an army of Habitat volunteers who came every Saturday to construct their home. “It was amazing how the community came together for us,” said Ray. “They were rooting for us.”

Ray and Sandy’s home brought more than a roof overhead. “Our kids have such a healthy sense and pride of security,” said Sandy. “This is our forever home.”

More local families are searching for an affordable home to live. Will you help us build one today?

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