When Cathy and Wayne needed a ramp, the repair service stepped up

Cathy and Wayne had been looking for help getting a wheelchair ramp when they found Habitat Snohomish’s home repair service. Having contacted Homage, they were thrilled with the referral to Habitat Snohomish. 

“My husband is limited in his mobility, he has Parkinson’s Disease and has had multiple back surgeries. He has recently progressed to needing a wheelchair, so this was perfect timing,” said Cathy.

Over the course of several weeks, the Habitat team designed and built the ramp that would allow Wayne and Cathy safe access to their home. 

“Everybody was fantastic, they worked very closely with me and my husband getting ideas and asking what our true needs were and they followed through with it. The ramp is very well built, it’s very strong. We are very pleased,” remarked Cathy.

Without this ramp, entering and exiting their home would be difficult and dangerous. Through Habitat Snohomish’s repair service, Cathy and Wayne are able to safely stay in their own home. 

If you are interested in learning more about the repair service, go to habitatsnohomish.org/homerepairs.

Cathy and Wayne’s front door after the repair service removed their front steps to make way for a ramp.

A volunteer working on securing the ramp frame.

Cathy and Wayne check out the ramp at the end of day 1.

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